February is Heart Health Month

Our plant allies can offer herbal support to the cardiovascular system.

Try a Linden Blossom long infusion for its demulcent and soothing anti-inflammatory effects on the body. Linden has been shown to reduce C-reactive protein, a marker for inflammation, correlated with an individual’s risk of heart attack.

Ditch the stress of caffeine and sip some Herbal Zip™ tea featuring one of the best cardiac tonics: Hawthorn berries. This sweet smelling and delicious tea brews up a beautiful red color thanks to the hibiscus blossoms and is sure to brighten your heart, lighten your mood and boost your energy.

Yarrow is a cardiovascular tonic and available in both of our travel kits. It is known to increase peripheral circulation, warming your cold hands and feet with increased blood flow.

 Wildwood Institute Teaching Garden

Learn to use herbs safely and effectively for yourself, your loved ones and/or professionally.

Wildwood Institute offers a comprehensive Apprenticeship at a collegiate level of education. You will receive hands-on training harvesting medicinal herbs, enjoy herb walks and outdoor teaching, and experience making the medicines that the earth has to offer.

This training is ideal for those who want to learn herbalism for personal use, for professional use as an Herbalist, for health care practitioners in broadening your holistic healing methods, or to run an herb-related business. Our Apprenticeship Program offers flexibility. Depending upon the extent of herbal knowledge you are seeking, you may choose to take only one or two years, or complete the three year program. Additionally, our program is part-time, designed for people who have jobs and/or are caregivers for children/elders. Application is online through our website. Tuition payment plans are available.

Saturday Holistic Health Clinics

Offered at Wildwood Institute

March 18, 2017  -  April 1, 2017

The Clinical Apprentices of Wildwood Institute are now providing affordable health consultations at our new Saturday clinic, under the direct supervision of Herbalist Kathleen Wildwood. The apprentices are uniquely trained to make health recommendations tailored to your individual needs and lifestyle, using herbs that are safe, effective and inexpensive.  

Wildwood Institute's philosophy includes matching herbs to people and their unique symptoms and circumstances, rather than to a specific disease. We also focus on adding in nutrient-rich foods, herbs and habits, rather than limiting unhealthy ones. Natural healing can be incorporated in your life with our recommendations, herbs prepared from our pesticide-free garden and simple selections at the grocery store. 

 "The guidance I received through my clinical appointments enabled me to make changes that greatly improved my sleep and energy," says a current client.

A $95 consultation with the Clinical Apprentices includes a complete health assessment, medication review and an individualized health plan which includes recommendations for herb, food and lifestyle choices. Follow-up appointments are $35.

Space is limited. Call or e-mail for available appointment times. Pay for your appointment here.

Quick Calendar

Making Winter Herbal Medicines
March 4
Wildwood Institute
More Info
Saturday Health Clinic
March 18
Space is limited.
E-mail or call for available times.
Natural Skin Care -
Inside and Out
March 22
6:30 to 8:00 pm
Olbrich Gardens
Saturday Health Clinic
April 1
Space is limited.
E-mail or call for available times.
Beginning Herbal Apprenticeships
 Start May 6-7, 2017
Apply Here

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