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Wildwood Institute: Herbal Apprenticeship Application Form
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Wildwood Institute

Herbal Apprenticeship Application Form

Please fill in all of the requested information, even if you think we already have it. Applications are evaluated in the order received until the class is full.


Street address




Why are you interested in this apprenticeship?

What, specifically, would you like to learn?

What background, personal experience and/or education would you bring to this program?
Note: There are no specific prerequisites. We just need to know about your knowledge base so we can educate you appropriately.

How do you plan to use the information and experience gained? What are your goals, if any?

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

Don't forget to go to our Online Store and pay your $35 application fee. Please put the full name you gave on this form into the Comment field at the bottom of the Secure Payment window, so that we can match up the payment with the application.