About Our Wildwood Institute Herb Garden

Labyrinth and Teaching Garden

 Our Labyrinth and teaching garden


At Wildwood Institute, we grow more than 60 herbs in our garden 100% pesticide free.


Some of our herbs include:
Violet   Mullein Thyme   Comfrey   Boneset   Elecampane   Goldenrod   Marshmallow   Mint   Calendula
Mugwort   Plantain   Nettle   Dandelion
Yarrow   Echinacea   Calendula   Burdock   St. John's Wort











Quick Calendar

Solstice Herb Walk
Olbrich Gardens
June 21st
6:00 -7:30 pm
More Info
Herb Day
Olbrich Gardens
June 25th
10am - 4pm

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