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Wildwood Institute is a small business dedicated to educating and empowering people to heal themselves, their families and communities, and the earth.

We offer a comprehensive Herbal Apprenticeship program, holistic health consultations, herb walks, classes, and local speaking events.

We also make and sell a variety of high-quality, intelligently formulated herbal products, available through our office and online Products Store. We grow many of the herbs ourselves, locally and without pesticides. We are committed to environmentally friendly packaging and practices, and a holistic perspective in the wise woman tradition.

Originating out of Kathleen's herbal mission, she founded Wildwood Institute in Madison, WI in 1996. The company grew and expanded into a new location between Verona and Middleton in 2015. This new, beautiful wooded setting offers a larger classroom ("The Treehouse") expanded facilities, private gardens and hiking paths. We have been furthering Kathleen's intention to bring back an appreciation of the wisdom and magic of nature into modern life. 

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