About Wildwood Herbal Products

Wildwood Institute offers locally grown, intelligently formulated herbal tinctures, teas, oils, syrups and ointments.

In 2002, Kathleen Wildwood launched the Wildwood Institute Herbal Product line with 4 teas and 3 tinctures, in response to her clients' requests. Today, the Herbal Product line contains 30 different products, including teas, tinctures, salves, ointments, oils, syrups and sprays. All are custom blends, formulated to be safe, gentle and effective. Most of the herbs used are from the Wildwood Institute Herb Garden, located in Madison, Wisconsin


Herbs Used in our Products  

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Arnica blossoms: Joint Oil

Black Cohosh root: Cool Change Tincture

Blue Vervain herb: PMS ReLeaf Tincture, Nature Calm Tincture, Peri-M Tincture

Boneset herb: Flu & Cold Tea

Burdock root: Cool Change Tincture, Liver Lover Tincture, Weight Loss Tonic, Liver Lover Tonic

Calendula blossoms: Allerg-Ease Tincture, Immune Builder Tincture, Lip ReLeaf, Wound & Itch Ointment, Flu & Cold Tea

Catnip herb: Mosquito Spray

Chamomile blossoms: Acid Calm Tincture, Belly Calm Tea

Chaste Tree berry: PMS ReLeaf Tincture

Chickweed herb: Weight Loss Tonic

Cinnamon bark: Breathe Well Tea

Cornsilk: Kidney Tonic Tincture

Dandelion herb: Kidney Tonic Tincture, PMS ReLeaf Tincture, Weight Loss Tonic

Dandelion root: Liver Lover Tincture, Liver Lover Tonic

Echinacea root: Immune Builder Tincture

Elder Berry: Herbal Cough Syrup

Elder Berry & blossoms: Flu & Cold Tea

Elecampane root: Breathe Well Tea

Eleuthro root: Immune Builder Tincture

Garden Sage herb: Cool Change Tincture

Garden Sage leaf: Divination Tea

Gentian Root: Acid Calm Tincture

Ginger root: Breathe Well Tea, Flu & Cold Tea, Herbal Zip Tea

Gingko leaf: Sharp Mind Tincture

Goldenrod herb: Allerg-Ease Tincture, Kidney Tonic Tincture

Gotu Kola herb: Sharp Mind Tincture

Hawthorne berries: Herbal Zip Tea

Hibiscus blossoms: Herbal Zip Tea

Hyssop herb: Breathe Well Tea

Kelp: Three Herb Medicine Kit

Lady's Mantle herb: Peri-M Tincture

Lavender blossoms: Divination Tea

Lavender herb: Wound & Itch Ointment

Lemon Balm herb: Nature Calm Tincture, Lip ReLeaf, Divination Tea, Gladdening Tea, Mosquito Spray

Lemon Grass herb: Herbal Zip Tea

Marshmallow root: Kidney Tonic Tincture, Belly Calm Tea

Meadowsweet herb: Acid Calm Tincture, Pain ReLeaf Tincture

Milky Oat seed: Kidney Tonic Tincture, Nature Calm Tincture

Motherwort herb: Cool Change Tincture

Mugwort herb: Divination Tea

Mullein leaf: Breathe Well Tea, Herbal Cough Syrup

Passionflower blossoms: PMS ReLeaf

Plantain leaf: Lip ReLeaf, Wound & Itch Ointment

Red Clover Blossoms: Nature Calm Tincture, Weight Loss Tonic

Rose Petals: Gladdening Tea

Rosemary herb: Joint Oil, Sharp Mind Tincture

Rosemary leaves: SAD ReLeaf Tincture, Gladdening Tea

Skullcap herb: Nature Calm Tincture

Solomon's Seal root: Joint Oil

St. John's Wort herb: SAD ReLeaf Tincture, Lip ReLeaf (salve), Skin ReLeaf (oil), Three Herb Medicine Kit

Stevia leaf: Belly Calm Tea

Thyme herb: Flu & Cold Tea

Violet herb: Flu & Cold Tea

Violet leaf: Cool Change Tincture, Breathe Well Tea

Wild Cherry bark: Herbal Cough Syrup

Wild Yam root: Acid Calm Tincture, Allerg-Ease Tincture, Pain ReLeaf Tincture, Peri-M Tincture, Belly Calm Tea

Willow bark: Pain ReLeaf Tincture

Wood Betony herb: SAD ReLeaf Tincture, Gladdening Tea

Yarrow herb: Allerg-Ease Tincture, Kidney Tonic Tincture, Peri-M Tincture, Wound & Itch Ointment, Belly Calm Tea, Flu & Cold Tea, Divination Tea, Mosquito Spray, Three Herb Medicine Kit

Yellowdock root: Weight Loss Tonic