Brew Basket

Permanent, reusable, tea filter recommended for brewing of all loose teas.

Our reusable Brew Basket fits a cup or a teapot and is best for steeping of loose teas. The Brew Basket allows the herbs to expand for maximum extraction, while the fine stainless steel mesh prevents leaves from leaking into the tea. Use the lid to cover the basket while brewing. This will keep medicinal volatile oils in as the tea steeps. When finished steeping, remove the lid and use as a coaster for the Brew Basket.

Easily rinsed or put in the dishwasher, this is efficient and cost effective for natural tea drinkers, and will last for years.

For best results: Cover the teas while brewing to keep in volatile oils and ingredients that can escape with heat. I like the Brew Basket with the lid, though any kind of cover can be used (canning lid, saucer, etc.).