Nature Calm™ Tincture, 1 oz.

Natural relief for modern stresses.

Nature Calm™ supports healthy function of the nerves. Can help with anxiety, insomnia, inflammation, and some types of pain inflammation.

Net Weight 1 fluid oz., 29.6 ml.

Herbs used in this custom blend

Skullcap herb (Scutellaria laterifolia): Relieves pain, relaxes and restores nerves,  assists with anxiety, digestive problems, ADD, and appetite loss. Can make some people sleepy. 

Milky Oat seed (Avena sativa): Soothes and nourishes the endocrine and nervous system, creates calmness and centeredness, recommended for people with high stress lifestyles.

Lemon Balm herb (Mellissa officinalis): Neurocardiac restorative, calms sympathetic nervous system hyperfuncitoning, helps with migraines, insomnia and restlessness.

Blue Vervain herb (Verbena hastata): Stimulates immunity, eases tension, chronic stress, and depression. Especially good for head, neck and shoulder tension.

Red Clover blossoms (Trifolium pratense): Decreases inflammation, regulates appetite, and helps remove heavy metal and chemical toxins. Improves memory, increases energy, and eases anxiety.



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